PPU PPM7 Match 182 Grain 7.62x54mmR 20 Rounds Full Metal Jacket


Those looking for accuracy frequently select PPU Match Centerfire Rifle Ammunition as it produces accurate shooting in both longer and shorter distances. Match ammunition is designed to be ideal for competition due to the high accuracy offered.

This accuracy is the result of special production procedures that require adherence to exacting specifications and measurements. When loading ammunition PPU relies on primers that are reliable and offer uniform quality as well as powders that have been chosen for their consistent ballistics. The final product undergoes a rigorous inspection to ensure only high-quality products leave the manufacturer.


PPU PPM7 Match 182 Grain 7.62x54mmR 20 Rounds Full Metal Jacket Features:

PPU’s Match line ammunition is designed for precise shooting at both short and long ranges. Its exceptional accuracy is the result of special production and control processes which demand holding very narrow tolerances. It uses reliable primers for extreme consistency and carefully chosen powders for loading, ensuring uniform ballistics. This 7.62x54R load features a 182 GR full metal jacket bullet and comes packaged 20 rounds per box, 10 boxes per case.%u200B

PPU PPM7 Match 182 Grain 7.62x54mmR 20 Rounds Full Metal Jacket Specifications:
Caliber/Gauge 7.62x54R
Number of Rounds 20
Ammo Rounds 1-50
Rounds per Box 20
Boxes per Case 10
Ammo Casing Brass
Ammo Application General Use
Ammo Features Full Metal Jacket
Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket
Muzzle Energy 2784 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity 2626 fps%u200B
CALIBER 7.62 X 54
TYPE Rifle Ammo
UPC 8605003812173.

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