Speer Lawman Brass 9mm 115 Grain 50-Rounds TMJ


Speer Lawman delivers accurate, consistent shots similar to a personal protection load. Each box contains 50 rounds of 115 grain 9mm with total metal jacket bullets and brass casings.


Speer-Lawman-Brass 9mm 115Grain 50-Rounds

Lawman Features

Speer Lawman training ammunition brings superb consistency along with feel and point of aim that’s as close as possible to your personal defense loads. All options are loaded with a TMJ bullet with a plated jacket that encapsulates the entire lead core.

Lawman Specifications
Caliber: 9mm Luger
Model: Lawman
Bullet Weight: 115 gr
Rounds Per Box: 50
Casing Material: Brass
Application: Training
Bullet Type: Total Metal Jacket (TMJ)
Muzzle Energy: 367 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity: 1200 fps
MODEL Lawman
TYPE Handgun Ammo
UPC 076683536501.Speer-Lawman-Brass 9mm 115Grain 50-Rounds.

Winchester primers come in WSP, WLP, WSR, and WLR flavors – small pistol, large pistol, small rifle and large rifle. They use the same primer for standard and magnum loads, which in essence means they are all magnum primers, and they act that way on a chronograph, with larger standard deviation in velocity than I get with a standard primer from CCI.

My preference in primers for standard loads is CCI, and generally speaking in a good load I can get standard deviations in velocity in the high single digits or low teens, where the same load may have and SD of 25-30 with a Winchester primer.

I’ve had good luck using CCI primers. From what I understand CCI benchrest primers are usually easier to ignite than their regular, magnum and military style primers. And the military and magnum primers need a harder strike to ignite.

I had my best groups at 100 yards using CCI BR primers in my AR-15 in 5.56. However, I don’t recommend using them in an AR because they would be the ones most likely to slam fire.

Never had a misfire or slam fire with either the CCI #41 or BR in the AR. Remington Small Rifle Bench Primers #7-1/2 Box of 1000