Weatherby Select Plus .300 Weatherby AccuBond 180 Grain


Go hunting with the most reliable ammunition by getting Select Plus .300 Weatherby AccuBond from Firearms World for your top-rated gun. Weighing at 180 grains, traveling at 3250 feet per second, and hitting targets with 4223 feet per pound, this ammunition is extremely reliable for medium to large game. This reliable Weatherby round is the best option wherever you may hunt. When you order ammo online from Firearms World, add a box of Select Plus .300 Weatherby AccuBond to your purchase!


Weatherby 300 AccuBond 180Grain

Select Plus .300 WBY Feature

Weatherby Select Plus with the ultimate in speed, power, and velocity. It’s the flattest shooting, hardest-hitting, most accurate ammo you can buy. It pairs Weatherby’s magnum design with the most popular bullet offerings from Barnes, Hornady, Swift, Berger, and Nosler. With Select Plus there’s a bullet option to meet every hunting or shooting situation.

Select Plus .300 WBY Specifications
Caliber:.300 Wthby Mag
Model: Select Plus
Bullet Weight:180 gr
Rounds Per Box:20
Casing Material: Brass
Application: Medium-Large Game
Boxes Per Case:10
Bullet Type: AccuBond
Muzzle Energy:4223 ft-lbs
Muzzle Velocity:3250 fps
MODEL Select Plus
TYPE Rifle Ammo
UPC 747115416264.Weatherby 300 AccuBond 180Grain

The .28 Nosler is a 7 mm (.284″) caliber, rebated-rim centerfire rifle cartridge designed by Nosler. Introduced in 2015 [11] and approved by SAAMI on January 19, 2015. It is the second cartridge designed by Nosler


The name .28 Nosler refers to the first two digits in the caliber (0.284 in; 7.2 mm) of the bullets that the cartridge fires and the name of the company which created it.

The .28 Nosler is based on the .26 Nosler which was released in 2014. The .28 Nosler shares the same overall cartridge length of 84.8 mm (3.340 in) as the .26 Nosler which allows it to be chambered in standard-length action.[12] This feature helps weight-conscious sportsmen to lighten their load before venturing into the backcountry. The cases’ overall length also aid in quick follow-up shots, since the bolt throw is shorter than on a magnum action.[13]

Four of Nosler’s Cartridges the .26 Nosler, .28 Nosler, .30 Nosler, and the .33 Nosler are based on the same .300 Remington Ultra Magnum[14] parent case. While the .26 Nosler and the .28 Nosler share the same cartridge case dimensions, the .30 Nosler has a slightly shorter length to the shoulder dimension than the .26 Nosler and the .28 Nosler,[7] and the .33 Nosler has a shorter shoulder dimension yet than that of the .30 Nosler.[15]

Design Considerations[edit]

The .28 Nosler is essentially a shortened version of the 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum (7mm RUM). They share a maximum body diameter of 14.0 mm (0.550 in). Rebating the rim to 13.6 mm (0.534 in) simplifies the production of rifle bolts since the rims of Holland & Holland-style belted magnums, such as the 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum, are the same diameter. Whereas the 7mm RUM case measures 60.6 mm (2.387 in) long from head to body-shoulder juncture, that dimension on the .28 Nosler case is 55.0 mm (2.166 in). The dimension at that point on the .28 Nosler case is 0.051 mm (0.002 in) larger, and that reduces its body taper by just a tad. Maximum case lengths are 72.4 mm (2.850 in) and 65.8 mm (2.590 in) respectively. Shoulder angles are 30 degrees for the Remington cartridge and a slightly sharper 35 degrees for the Nosler. Due to its greater length, the Remington case is about 25 percent more capacious than the Nosler.[16]

Barrel Life[edit]

Since the .28 Nosler burns smaller powder charges than the 7mm RUM, barrel accuracy life is potentially a bit longer. How much longer depends on a number of things, including barrel quality and whether a barrel is regularly cleaned and serviced or abused by its owner.